Hypnobirthing: For a peaceful delivery of your baby

Hypnobirthing, also called Mogan Method is all about education for childbirth to empower women to give birth to babies through simple yet peculiar methods that help them get rid of the fear and tension that causes pain during child birth. In simple words, hypnobirthing helps mother to control the birthing process, and make the birth drug-free through self-hypnosis.

History of hypnobirthing

This technique was derived from the natural birthing methods of an English physician, Dr. Grantly Dick-Read in the early 1900s. But, Hypnobirthing was developed and established in the US by Marie Mongan.

She published the book “Hypnobirthing – A celebration of life” in 1989. The technique has been showed many times in the media on BBC news, Discovery TV, in magazines like Pregnancy and Birth magazine, Time Magazine and in local radio stations.

The Mongan Method

Hypnobirthing is a philosophy of birth and also a technique for earning a relaxed and satisfying, stress-free way of birthing. Classes on this technique will provide you information on how to call upon your body’s natural epidural and thereby decrease or rid of the discomfort as well as the need for medication. Once you understood the method, you and your birthing companion will be absolutely ready for birth.

Advantages of Hypnobirthing

If done appropriately, Hypnobirthing can take out the ‘Fear-tension-pain syndrome’ before, during and after birthing. It also decreases and often rids of the needs for epidurals, all kinds of chemical pain relief, episiotomy and other interventions. You will feel shortened hours on first stage labor, lessened fatigue during labor and provides you more energy for birth.

In this method of birthing, your birthing companion is not just an onlooker but an integral part of birthing. Hypnobirthing results in rapid postnatal recovery, well adjusted babies with better eating and sleeping routines. A relaxed pregnancy and a calm and confident birth leaves you and your baby with a positive experience.

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