Water Birth and Its Benefits

Water birth is the process of delivering babies in a tub full of hot water. There are many women across the world that prefers this kind of labour. Some of them choose to have labour in water and then get out for delivery whereas others prefer to deliver in water itself.

The main advantage of this kind of pregnancy is to deliver the baby into a similar environment where it was kept for nine months during the time of birth. This will be gentle for the baby and more relaxed for the mothers. Let’s take a look at everything about this delivery.

Water birth labour- Is it Safe?

For a woman who is healthy and have a straight pregnancy it is safe to have a water birth. It has been found that having delivery in water increases the levels of amniotic fluid of the baby’s and also lowers the blood pressure of the mother’s.

This happens without affecting the normal circulation to the baby through the placenta.

The use of water for relieving the labour pain is recommended for women who are normally induced. Mothers who have had Caesarian sessions earlier can get some help from water births.  Some hospitals make use of systems for intermittent monitoring for VBAC labours which is recommended if going for a water birth pool.

Whereas in other cases you may require continuous monitoring where waterproof electronic fetal monitoring or wireless can be of help. The other advantage is that the babies born in water have lesser infection and needs special care when compared to babies born normally.

Effects on the Length of the Labour

Length of labour has appeared to be shorter when it comes to water birth. It is mentioned that the length of time at the initial stage of the labour is about half an hour shorter for women who use water pools for birth. It is also found that both the stages of labour like the active stage and pushing stage are shorter in these kinds of births compared to normal air births.

Effects of Water on Easing the Pain in Labour

Immersion of body in hot water is recommended basically for relief from pain during labour that starts usually and also in induced labours as it can help the mothers to cope up with the pain. It is proved that woman who uses a pool, tub or undergoes water birth is less likely to have the need for a spinal or epidural injection.

Ideal Time to Get Into Pool during Labour

Woman who goes earlier into the pool for labour is found to have the need for epidural to speed up the delivery than the ones who got in the later stages of the labour. It also depends on the condition of the mother as to when she need to be getting into the pool.

Chances of Tearing During Water Birth

The chances of tearing are the same when it comes to water birth or air birth. Even the rates of episiotomy are found to be similar in both the cases. The women found to have less perineal trauma if she use pool for child birth.

Pushing stage is found to be quicker while pool is used for birth. Another advantage is that the mid wife’s able to see as well as protect the mother’s perineum at the time of child birth in water. Tears are common in child births whichever method is incorporated as this is a main part of anatomy of women.

Now a day’s booking online birthing pools is a growing trend where the pools can be bought through online. The birthing pools that we get to buy are comfortable and very much sturdy and robust. The calming effect of the water itself can reduce half the pain as the water has the capacity to support the body weight and provides easy body movements.

This will help the mothers to take a position that suits them the best and provides them comfort. Most of the birth pools available in the market have located grips as well as hands for holding properly. The transparent sides of the pools gives the midwives great visibility from outside and the floor that is deeply inflated is designed to give comfort.

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