Using Best Hair Extensions For Beauty and Style

People agree or not, hair is an important factor that enhances a person’s looks. It helps in providing a high level of confidence to an individual.

Hair always adds up to the personality of an individual. And for this reason the latest craze to sweep the US is to wear hair extensions. Everyone, from Selena Gomez, Lauren Conrad, Kim Kardashian, and even Brittney Spears are known to wear hair extensions.

This hair trend is not just for the celebrities, but a craze with girls all over the world. In fact, the demand for hair extensions is so huge that hair extension salons and schools are popping up in shopping centres around the world at a rapid pace.

There are a number of different ways in which one can easily apply hair extensions and feel the difference. The best thing about these hair extensions is that you can easily apply them yourself.

Rather than paying a small fortune at the salon, you can easily apply the hair extensions like Brazilian body wave yourself.

Body wave weave comes with unidirectional cuticles aligned which feels very soft and bouncy. Not only these are tangle free but also these are available in natural virgin hair color. Many are therefore using these hair extensions to add color rather than length.

Hair extensions can also give you highlights in bright colors such as peach, pink, mint and lavender. Buying a smaller pack of hair extensions for highlights is also a great way to test out your hair extension application skills before taking on a full head.

For long lasting, tangle-free and soft extensions it is extremely important to use top quality, virgin hair. Just make sure that you buy from a retailer who promises ease of use. Virgin hair wholesale are now available online at reliable stores such as which offers great quality hair extensions at a most affordable price range.

10 Precious Gemstones Used to Enhance The Beauty of Jewelry

Today there are many of the precious and semiprecious gemstones that are used for enhancing the beauty of expensive and cool jewelry. These enhance the beauty of wearer of the jewelry and add attraction to the cool trendy clothing as well.


1- Diamonds: Diamonds are the most used gem stone which can enhance the beauty of any jewelry and the person who is wearing that jewel. They were first mined in India.

2- Amber: It is an ancient organic gemstone. It is rarely available and is composed of tree resin that has hardened over time. The stone must be at least 1 million years old to be classified as amber.

3- Amethyst: It is a precious gemstone which belongs to the family of quartz. It is known for its beautiful purple hue, which can range in tone from light to dark.

4- Emerald: It is among the three main precious gemstones along with rubies and sapphires. It is known for its beauty of green to bluish green color.

5- Jade: It is beautiful gemstone which is mostly available in green color. It may also be available in lots of other colors which are uncommon. It is sometimes referred to as “stones of heaven”.

6- Jasper: It is a beautiful gemstone of the chalcedony family that comes in a variety of colors. Commonly jasper is a gemstone that features unique and interesting patterns within the colored stone.

7- Quartz: It is available in various colors and sizes and refers to a family of crystalline gemstones.

8- Ruby: These are known for their intense red color, and are among the most highly valued precious gemstones. According to the language Sanskrit, the word for ruby is “Ratnaraj”, meaning “king of precious stones.”

9- Sapphire: It is available in several colors. But the most popular form of sapphire is blue sapphire, which is known for its medium to deep blue color and strong saturation.

10- Turquoise: It is precious gemstone which is only found at few places on earth. It is also available in various attractive colors and designs.

There are some of the other types of gemstones which are common. Pearls, coral, and amber are the organic gemstones which are produced by living organisms.