Lose Weight after Pregnancy By Breast Feeding Your Baby

How to lose weight after pregnancy is one of the most commonest question for moms. The major answers for the question how to lose weight after pregnancy are as follows:


Breast Feeding: Yes! Breast feeding your baby helps in loosing the pregnancy weight healthy and easily.

It not only is good for babies but also the mother because it not only lowers the risk of certain cancers but also keep you in shape.

Most of the women think that breast feeding derange their physical structure with excessive increase in their body weight. But this is really a wrong fact.

Normally breastfeeding mothers will lack more of nutrients (mainly the protein from their body), hence continuing a healthy weight loss diet along with the breast feeding helps in reducing the weight readily.

Although the practice of breastfeeding your baby after pregnancy can help a lot in managing your figure, it is not a job as simple as it appears to be. Most of the new moms take it as a job. As initially it requires a lot of adjustment among the baby and mother, it seems to be very difficult task.

If you acquire some helpful breastfeeding tips, then you can spend this extremely vital period of your life in a smooth way enjoying the benefits of breastfeeding.

Ease your job of breastfeeding by using pumping essentials

Women should not give up on breast-feeding due to unfavorable environment. They should try to find some way out for their baby.

Today there are variety of options available in the market to ease your job of breastfeeding your baby. Breastfeeding pumping essential items  are good to try out so that you can easily pump breast milk for your baby on regular basis.

Some of these breastfeeding products for pumping include: Hand-free bra, Breast Pads, Extra Bottles, Breast Milk Freezer Bags, etc.

Besides all these essentials, items such as nursing cover can help you out when you want to feed your baby in public.

Include ‘super foods’ in your diet while breastfeeding

As a new mother, you need lot of nutrition especially if you are nursing. So rely on those food items which are heavy in nutrition but light in calories and fat so that they aids in after pregnancy weight loss.

Fish is a super food which is rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids that helps in healthy development of newborn’s brain. Also foods like yogurt and milk keeps bones of breastfeeding mother strong while keeping her in perfect shape.

Indulging into lean meats, beans and chicken are rich in protein, fiber plus low in fats thus keeping weight in check.

Breastfeeding in all, wonderfully helps in after pregnancy weight loss. It is the easiest way to return to your pre-baby weight faster. Moreover it provides important nutrients and boosts immunity in a baby.

So go for this healthy practice after pregnancy and stay healthy always!

Weight Loss Pregnancy Diet: How It Helps Women During And After Pregnancy?

For a new mother losing the pregnancy weight is always important and pregnancy weight loss diet is the best thing that can work. It is obvious that it took several months to gain weight.

Following a balanced diet plan and mild exercise is the right way to lose weight after pregnancy which also needs certain amount of time before you can see the positive results.

After all we all want to get back our flat tummy in the right effective way. Thus following the right plan is important.

The idea that one should eat for two is wrong for many. Just additional 300 calories per day is more than enough. At any cost, I won’t recommend skipping meals especially breakfast as it is the most important meals of a day.

If we skip breakfast, then we feel fatigue and nervousness. Actually, skipping meals result in overeating whereas eating frequent small meals can do wonders on our body.

What is the right Pregnancy weight loss diet?

Pregnancy weight loss diet should include plenty of complex and unrefined carbs. These are packed with B complexes, trace minerals and fibers.

These are not only vital for fit pregnancy but also helps lose belly fat after pregnancy. Diet should also comprise of essential vitamins and nutrients. It is vital to both us and our babies.

It is important to choose food forms that are rich in vitamins and have fewer calories. We need to intake more dairy products as calcium is essential for developing babies’ bones. If our diet is lacking calcium, then our body tends to draw it from our body. This results in calcium deficiency in our body.

Weight loss pregnancy diet helps to maintain body during pregnancy and after the birth too

I personally started eating organic, lean and unprocessed food forms. It gave me huge leaps of steps towards my weight loss goal.

Unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grain, nuts, and seeds are rich in nutrients and contain more fiber.

I relied on them and they promoted weight loss for me. I replaced sweets and junks with fruits. This helped me to cut down unwanted calorie intake. These two secrets helped me to keep my weight at right level during and after pregnancy healthily.

I also loved organic green tea and i must confess that it really helped me a lot in my weight loss journey after the pregnancy. Not only it helped me in reducing the weight but also it helped in providing extra energy my body needed during the time.

You can today shop for these herbal and all natural organic green tea online at stores like www.assamicaagro.in where these are available at a very low cost. You just need to choose the flavor of your liking and you are good to go.

How To Get Firm Abs Without Lose Them?

Most people actually think that doing countless crunches and sit ups can help you achieve the great looking firm abs; but the reality here is quite different.

The thing is, regardless of the size of your abs, they cannot be totally firm until the total percentage of your body fat is around 9%.

Though this varies from person to person, the general value is somewhat the same. That abs won’t reveal unless you hit that figure; once you have achieved that your firm abs start showing automatically.

The next thing to keep in mind is that crunches and sit ups actually stop the development of critical muscles that make up your firm abs.

Generally most of the people follow these exercises to get those perfect abs but their actions are almost certainly in vain. Avoiding them is the best way to lose maximum body and build the abs.

Some Important Tips For Building Great Abs

Reduction of fat is one of the main points which help to build your abs. The first thing individuals should follow is to lose the extra weight from their body and this can be only done with the help of Cardio exercises which they can do in their daily routine.

Some of the Cardio exercises include swimming, jogging along with walking. The individual should do all these exercises about half an hour daily.

Individuals should also plan their diets during fat reduction program so that they don’t go for such food which increases their fat. Individuals should prefer to go for whole grain along with fruits and vegetables which will help them a lot during the program.

After weight reduction, building firm looking abs is the very next concern. There are many ways by which individuals can build their abs. They should go for such exercises like sit ups and crunches.

According to slenderab.com for getting quick and better results individuals should go for such building ab programs which are available for them in offline and online mode simply.

They can take the help of products such as Slendertone ab belt to do the exercises according to their comfort.

There are many how to get firm abs guides available all around you, but the most convenient way to develop them fast is to follow a proper abs workout chart to earn desired results.

Most of these specialized workouts can ensure the development of abs in the shortest possible time. There goes the part of attaining the abs, maintaining them is a whole different story all together.

Everyone wants to maintain the attractive abs for a lifetime, especially when they worked very hard to get them. To do this you must ensure minute and proper attention to the nutrition you consume.

This is further combined with exercises to maintain them; failing to do so may result in disappearing of the abs in no time.

Soy Milk vs 2 Percent Milk: Which Is Better for Diet Conscious Women

Few months back, pouring fat free milk in a cup of coffee or making tea has been a choice to enjoy the sips. Due to the availability of low fat free alternatives, it has become easy to switch to the milk which is healthier and good in taste. Soymilk and cow milk is packed with nutrients.

Some people feel tough to tolerate cow milk due to allergies and in the case of soy milk, it is not recommended for everyone. In most of the situations, those who are allergic to cow’s milk or particular taste preference or intolerant to lactose in cow milk choose soy milk as the best choice.

Soy Milk

Useful to shed weight

Soy milk and cow’s milk with low fat contain same amounts of nutrients and provides 8 grams of protein in a single cup and fortified with vitamin A, D and B-12, calcium and Phosphorous. Cow’s milk includes saturated fat with cholesterol, whereas soy milk lacks it. It is considered as a healthy source of omega -3 fatty acids or alpha-Linolenic acid.

Well, it is observed that today every person efforts a lot to shed weight and track the food consumed in the diet. Most of the studies have confirmed that counting the calories while consuming diet helps you lose the weight fast when compared to those who eat without counting the calories.

Perfect in calories and nutrients

The main purpose of counting the diet calories is to know about the foods included in the meals and count the amount of percentage of calories present in it. This is a helpful idea to compare different foods and make better choice.

The calories in Milk 2% are 137 and 90 in soy milk, which mentions it clearly as soy milk as a healthy diet. Though there are saturated fats of 3 grams in milk 2%, no point of saturated fat is available and found with 2g poly-saturated fat and 1g mono-saturated fat in soymilk. This is the main thing observed by people while going through the calorie list.

Protects from heart ailments

In case of cholesterol milk 2 % is with 20 gms, no trace of cholesterol is found in Soymilk due to which it is considered as healthy for the heart. Sodium, potassium and total carbohydrates in soy milk are lesser than milk 2% and sugars available are 6g in soy milk.

Protein being the most useful nutrient for the body is 6g in soy milk and 10 g in milk 2%. Fortunately, soy milk and cow milk help the people with heart disease risk and it is found that milk with less saturated fats protect against heart ailments and strokes.

Besides this, soy milk and milk 2% are both effective for building muscle and the best source of protein with all the essential amino acids that are important to build muscles. Above all, those who are allergic to milk 2% consider soy milk as the best. If you are intolerant to lactose, it is good to try soy milk and enjoy the taste and its nutritional effects on health. As advised by the soymilkexpert, if you suffer with hot flashes, then consume soy milk as it helps to relieve the symptoms.

Katie Holmes Drastic Weight Loss After Pregnancy

The famous “Dawson Creek” actress Katie Holmes is back with a bang with a new sexier figure than ever. She quoted that she was always “Thin” and regretted not having a fuller figure, but pregnancy made her rejoice though temporarily. Being an actress, it is extremely important to have a perfect figure and gorgeous looks. Born with both, Katie Holmes did find it tough in losing the body weight after her daughter’s birth “Suri”.


It was just that paparazzi clicked her pictures, a week overdue with her first baby, Katie was puffy to the size of the small house. In just 5 months after her daughter’s birth she has been back in her size 6.

So how did she manage to get back in just short span of time? If this shapely actress mom has made you feel insecure while looking into the mirror, don’t lose your heart. Here, Katie Holmes will show you how efficiently you can lose weight in short time.

Never Go Under The Knife

Katie Holmes was very firm in her decision of not to go under the knife to lose the body fat. She believed that pregnancy is a natural phenomenon that happens to a woman’s body hence one should lose weight naturally. The surgery might be an easy option, but not the safer one

Katie Holmes Diet

The foremost thing the new moms need to know is breastfeeding is extremely helpful to lose weight after pregnancy. Her husband Tom Cruise and her personal trainer were always helping her on how to get back in shape quickly. Since you are almost 80-90 pounds during your pregnancy, it is not that easy how you think to lose weight.

Plus your body isn’t accommodating with the workouts and diet you put through. Lots of patience and determination is required, said Katie Holmes. The diet that Katie followed comprised of high nutritional values. She ate lots of proteins and green veggies throughout.

Katie revealed that it was a very strict diet regime since there was no single food item that had a fat in it- not even a milk. She says that initially her body had a hard timing in coping up with the diet, but eventually it accepted the change and resulted into gorgeous figure. So, if you want to have a figure like Katie Holmes, you need to work hard on it. Unless you are not determined it is not going to give you results.

Katie’s Workouts

Katie Holmes workouts were as stricter as her diet regime. She opted for various workout forms such as kick boxing, dance, and Cardio. She says that it helped her body to have something new to work out because she believed that doing routine exercises every day your body gets used to it and after particular time you stop losing the weight. In addition to this, Katie Holmes made a comment to never compete when it is about losing weight. Every body reacts differently some early, some late hence it is important to keep the pace and determination to achieve the finer results.

Shakira’s Amazing Weight Loss Story

Shakira the  “Waka Waka” girl or more known for her “Hips Don’t Lie” song’s exotic, sexy moves. Born with amazing flexible body, she has got all that a woman envies to have. On January 22, 2013 Shakira along with her soccer player boyfriend welcomed their first baby kid “ Milan” in this world.


Gave birth to her first kid on January 22 and exactly on April 22 that is exactly 3 months later you have never guessed that she was pregnant.

Unbelievable! Is the one word that comes to your mind. Shakira who was 36 with her natural flowing hair looked all stunning. The entire package was like million bucks.

She revealed that losing weight after pregnancy wasn’t a huge concern, since it ran in their generations.

There was never a pressure to get into an old jeans, but being a responsible career woman she was concerned that she wouldn’t ever be sexy again after the pregnancy. With all kinds of mixed feelings, she was all set to lose weight- or say determined to be sexy again.

How Shakira Lost Weight After The Pregnancy?

Practicing a lot of Zumba helped Shakira lose weight. This particular dance form made her obsess to lose weight and the rest is history. Even during pregnancy, she did light dance moves recommended by her doctor to keep an active lifestyle. This Columbian singer reveals that nothing comes easy, whether it is name, fame or just losing weight. You need to work hard and your efforts are certainly going to show.

Working Out Was Fun, Said Shakira!

Instead of working on traditional treadmills and doing routine workouts was not the idea of this Columbian singer. She liked dancing and she chose her way to dance for losing weight. She said that dancing not only makes your workout interesting and fun, but it really kicks up your heart rate.

It is a wonderful and very effective way to lose weight. To all those women out there who are eager to get back in shape after the pregnancy can take up dance classes. This will not only help you to lose weight but keeps the boredom at bay. You can take up any dance you feel like. In a matter of weeks you are sure going to see your waistline trimming down says Shakira.

Since you have recently given birth your body has gone back to normal rituals of functioning hence need plenty of good healthy food. Healthy food doesn’t include feasting on the chocolate cake. You have to cut down the junk, fried, frozen and sugary food items in order to lose weight. Eat healthy and get adequate sleep since you have been through a lot and with the baby there is hell lot of adjustments.

Never compete with others when it comes to weight loss things. Everyone’s body has a different way of accepting the change, some do it fast some are slower in getting results. Just remember not to over exert yourself and enjoy what your efforts towards weight loss.

Debra Messing’s Weight Loss Journey After Pregnancy

Debra Messing is one hell of hot looking momma, tagged as one of the “fifty most beautiful people in the world” by a renowned magazine. Starred in various films and done plenty of television, Debra says that she had thoroughly enjoyed her pregnancy. She also admitted that at times, the pressure to get back to her normal weight was also churning up.


This stunning actress quoted that she find a hard time in reducing her weight after her pregnancy.  It almost affected her ability to breast feed, says Debra. If you are recently up from your pregnancy, it is important to watch out your diet and how you work out because it directly affect your breastfeeding.

Going on the strict diet means you are not making enough milk, in all these your baby is the most to suffer. Not immediately, but she gradually was back in shape under the guidance of her nutritionist and trainer.

Unlike other Hollywood mommies, Debra Messing didn’t lose her weight right after the pregnancy. She took her time so that her body getting used to the new responsibilities and all the time it was her baby a major concern.

The Key To Messing’s Fitness Is To Eat Right

Debra than earlier looks more fit and fabulous and energetic. Chasing after her son was her secret to her weight loss she laughingly added. Her body loves Cardio, hence lots of different Cardio workouts were added to do it on each day. Getting into various sports and physical activity where it increases your heart rate was helpful in making her slim.

She says, working out is important no matter what form of exercise you choose. Also, keep changing it every 15 days will doesn’t make your body used to it. Lastly, never skip your workouts. One day skipping, second day skipping and this becomes a habit. Strongly pursue to get results.

Debra was too keen to lose that 42 pounds post pregnancy weight and it is not that she didn’t try doing it. She tried working out with her trainer, but her body was not able to cope up. It did help her to lose some weight, but working out vigorously for one hour and taking care of the baby and the acting career was too much to handle. Hence, she decided to go slow.

She chose a new way of losing weight is by eating healthy. Working out didn’t stop but initially it was only lighter exercises she did. What she majorly concentrated was on eating balanced nutritious meals. She cut down the carbs, sugar, chocolates, sodas and meat.

Debra also once in a while did detox diet with lots of green veggies, and fruits where she came out with gorgeous results. You are sure going to lose weight after the pregnancy, but it is also important not to pressurized your body into severity.

At one point of time you may lose almost instantly but it will leave you weak and look haggard. Take your time there is no rush, so far you are determined to lose weight there is no stopping you to get back into your old jeans says Debra.

Drop The Pounds Ditch The Diet: Beyonce Tells You How?

Beyonce that sexy and strong celebrity has revealed her power packed post baby body.  In one of her recent comments, she just opened up telling her struggle in losing weight after the pregnancy. It is every women’s dream to look gorgeous and young and pregnancy is one of the phases were her body is completely out of control, gaining oodles of weight.


This sexy celebrity singer has revealed that she had gained about 58 lbs during her pregnancy. Her daughter “Blue Ivy” was in the pink of her health, born January 2012.

To get back in shape became an ultimate goal reveals Beyonce. Beyonce describes her as a “not-so-naturally-thin-girl”, she said that she had to work hard to get her body back in shape.

She revealed in a recent interview that about 85% of the weight loss happened from cutting back the food. She added that she didn’t have time for the workouts as she was scheduled for the show which was upcoming in 3 months.

However, she insisted that if she had gotten plenty of time she would have lost it doing lots of Cardio workouts. Since, not everybody is same it require takes a good amount of efforts by doing workouts and eating healthy, nutritional diet.

So, how did Beyonce get back into such a fabulous figure? We reaveal some of her secrets here.

Low Calorie Diet and Cardio Dance Workouts Is All That Helped Her

When it comes to a low calorie diet, it is no surprise for the celebrities. It is a full proof plan to help you lose weight like Beyonce. We all know that to lose weight we need to burn more fat than we eat. Beyonce says that twelve weeks is long enough to see the changes with the diet you are following.

Beyonce’s diet program states that she completely avoided eating carbs like pasta, burgers, rice, red meat, quinoa and sodas. Her diet majorly includes fish, green salads, soups, whole grain cereals and lots of green veggie items.

She ate small-small meals for about 5-6 times in a day. She made sure not to skip breakfast which comprises of  egg whites, brown bread, whole grain cereals, green veggie smoothie, and a low fat milk. At lunch and dinner she ate lots of vegetables and fish. Beyonce said that she was particular about her eating habits and strictly followed her diet.

Beyonce said that she wasn’t a hard core exerciser. Working her way out through dancing made it interesting in losing the weight. Cardio dance workouts are high paced energy dance moves that comprises of Latin, Zumba, Salsa, African and Ballet flavors.

This dance exercise is specifically designed to increase the heart rate level. This workout is extremely helpful in toning the figure and shaping up the muscles. Be gentle with your body and accept the circumstance positively. Furthermore, take pride in indulging in a healthy lifestyle says Beyonce.

Catherina Zeta Zones Back With Her Famous Curves

Looking at your fuller figure you feel that all the celebrities are blessed with remarkable weight loss powers. An Academy award winning actress for her role in  “Chicago” is all gorgeous, looking sexier than earlier, having great curves and everything is just fantastic about her.


This 5’8” with an amazing body to die for, has wonderfully reduced her weight after her pregnancy. Though she was already skinny and never had a fuller figure, her body after the pregnancy did showed those fat that were never thought of said Catherine.

Though, the diet and workout regime didn’t start straight away. She had her time to heal her body properly. Also, she noticed that her weight often fluctuated during pregnancy. After the two pregnancies, she has become expert in knowing how to lose weight effectively after the pregnancy.

If you are thinking that this celebrity mom had some magical powers to get slimmer over nightly than you are wrong. Catherine worked hard on her body to make it perfect like better.

She was born skinny, she didn’t remember eating chips at all- you know now what kind of restrictions you have to put on your diet to get slim.

Low Carbohydrates – High Protein Diet

Initially felt very low and the diet didn’t motivate her to lose weight, says Catherine. Though skinny in physique she still had that craving that kept her up and restless. But to lose weight was her ultimate goal. The foremost thing she did was stopped ordering food delivery services.

No eating out, no eating carbs and no dinner after 6 pm were her strict rules that ultimately helped her lose weight. She strictly ate only 3 meals a day with no snacking around.

She had completely eliminated sugar and caffeine from her routine diet. When you are working out, naturally your body burns the fat and craves for more food, to balance this to not to overeat, her meals comprised of high protein diet. Within five months the result showed her with the best figure in town.

Exercises and her fitness regime

Along with aerobics, she also enthusiastically took part in Pilate classes. While holidaying, she gets into swimming and Cardio exercises that keeps her going. Her fitness mantra is to look gorgeous for life and eat well that’s all.

Catherine is a busy and in spite of busy schedule she, takes out the time for the exercises which is kind of must have dedication for women looking for a weight loss after their pregnancy. It requires a hell lot of determination and patience to get back into the shape.

Jessica Simpson Diet Plan: Shed Off That Baby Weight Now

Jessica Simpson followed a 15-day smoothie diet, which start with 3 smoothies a day for 5 days, pursued by 2 smoothies a day for another 5 days, and 1 smoothie a day for 3 days.


The plan was developed by her former personal chef and the plan has been followed the Weight Watchers point system with a menu included low-fat meals such as egg white omelettes, whipped chick peas, Japanese soba noodles, chicken satay and shrimp skewers.

Besides keeping Jessica to a Weight Watchers managed diet, she also practiced exercise 4 times a week with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak to get rid of her baby weight.

She maintained a strict Weight Watchers Regimen for losing 60 pounds after her pregnancy. The regimen included low-fat smoothies, veggies and protein and she also maintained her 4-month crash diet plan.

The Jessica Simpson diet plan developed by her former chef almost features the Weight Watchers system, with fancy homemade items like shrimp skewers, egg white omelets, whipped chicken peas, chicken satays and soba noodles.

For a short time, it did not look like she would lose any weight at all or at least based on her awful Weight Watcher’s commercial. But, we got to say that we are impressed! So, if you want to shed of that additional weight you gained post-pregnancy, then Jessica Simpson diet is the way to go!