Knowing Your Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Pregnancy stretch marks are said to be the classic marks of maternity. Don’t be afraid of getting as it is a normal process of stretching skin causing stretch marks. Though if you are careful you can minimize them or completely avoid them.

Let us see how? First understand what pregnancy stretch marks are? Those purplish, red, pink streaks are the pregnancy stretch marks that you have been seeing along with your growing belly, thighs, breasts, and hips. They appear brighter on fair skinned women.

Why Pregnancy Stretch Marks Happen and How To Avoid Them?

The stretching happens due to belly growing, baby growing inside, plus there are factors such as genetic. So most probably you have them because of it. Also there is a weight gain problem that is another reason on to the pregnancy stretch marks.

With furthering your pregnancy, the stretch marks start with a parallel thin red lines and start growing at various areas of your body; usually waist region, hips, breast and thighs. Most women require daily regime to try avoiding from getting stretch marks. Remember that you don’t over eat.

Your appetite will be increasing at various phases during your pregnancy so you need to be a normal eater. Though you need extra calories as you have to eat for two, but over indulging is a no-no thing and should be completely avoided.

Also, eating extra doesn’t mean that grabbing anything junk, oily or fried foods. Know that what you are going to eat will have impact on your baby, body and skin. So, do not worry and fuss over your stretch marks they will eventually fade away with the time.

Managing Your Diet Properly Can Help Best

Drinking lot of water will help in many aspects of your pregnancy, keeping your skin hydrated. Though you will be eating healthy food during this time, it is important to consume that diet that is rich in Vitamin E, Zinc, and Vitamin C. suggests that it will help in making your skin healthy and in minimizing stretch marks affects. Massage will also be helpful in reducing pregnancy stretch marks.

Massaging your skin with Almond oil or other that suits your skin or moisturizer will improve circulation that will encourage tissues to grow. There are lots of creams that are available for reducing stretch marks. Just have a look at them online and read various reviews to get them best as per your needs.

Make sure that you start early in picking up creams and moisturizers when you discover that you are pregnant. These kinds of treatment needed to be done from the beginning to get desired results. You can choose a moisturizer/cream that has more of Vitamin E, A, and contains hydroxyl acids which are helpful in preventing stretch marks.