Orthodontics: Why Do Adults Need Them?

A specialized field of dentistry, orthodontists are understood to be working on the alignment of facial abnormalities. Primary objective of orthodontist is improving the facial look of the person along with correction of any kind of facial abnormalities.

With the advancements in technology it has been increasingly easy for the adults to treat themselves. However, there remains a stark difference in the treatment process for adults and teens. However, one needs to understand what is the major difference between the two processes of treatment.

Age-Related Considerations

Adults suffer from various issues when compared to that of young aged people. They suffer from various ailments such as:

  • insufficient bone density in the facial region
  • Inadequate blood supply affecting gums
  • Gingivitis infections
  • Marginal bone loss in the oral and facial region

A major problem lies with the facial bones of adults which suffer from the symptoms of degeneration. Since the bones have grown to be hard and are no longer in the growth stage, such organs often poses problems. At the same time ageing of tissues relates to a lot of issues which needs immediate intervention. Due to such biomechanical limitations, many grown up people require to make tooth realignment. This requires a more rigorous process in adults than in younger patients.

Bite Correction Concerns

Correction of a malocclusion is another reason why adults require the intervention of orthodontists during the period of early adulthood. Teeth mainly degenerate which can raise a severe concern and intervention of orthodontists are largely required to take out the decayed one.

Another reason is that by adulthood, a patient might have decayed a lot of tooth which can create a major difficulty. This can make chewing and over biting really difficult, and Orthodontists refer to these problems as perio-restorative issues. Therefore orthodontists typically focus on making the adult patient’s bite functional. Bringing in perfection is rather not required.

Tooth Extraction Issues

Issues related to tooth extraction can really make your life difficult if you happen to be an adult. Extraction sites can pose problem and very often fillers or false tooth can replace the same.

Adult bones do not often respond to pressure, and therefore such extraction sites need to be filled by an orthodontist at one go.

Appliance Placement

Intervention of orthodontists is also required to be made possible while appliances are fitted on your tooth or gums in reality. Decalcification needs to be prevented at various stages and this is where orthodontists can be of much help. As the costing may differ, based on the services you are getting, make sure that you check with orthodontic treatment cost Phoenix before you hire them for getting the services.


Root resoprtion is a sensitive process and patients who undertake dental treatments are largely at risk.

At the same time, Adult patients also have a greater risk for temporomandibular disorder (TMD). Such symptoms can be handled by an experienced orthodontist who needs to carefully assess the overall situation before they start with the process of treatment.

Moreover, there are certain psychological factors which are associated with the treatment process of adults as well.  Such factors can pose a major threat to treatment and includes the following:

  • Expectations related to Treatment process
  • Concern with apparent appearance
  • Discomfort from issues related to wearing braces
  • Willingness to succumb to orthodontic instructions in order to encourage healing process.

These combinations make the treatment process of adults largely different from those of teenagers and kids in reality.