Tips For Finding The Best Rectangular Trampoline For Your Kid

Jumping on trampoline is a gymnastic or fitness sport that we often see in the Olympic Games or the like. It is no longer restricted to just kids jumping on trampolines and enjoying themselves.

These days even adults use it as a fitness exercise. Trampoline jumping is known to be a very useful and effective cardio workout.

Are you thinking to buy trampoline? Not sure what to look for? Here are tips for finding the best rectangle trampoline for kids:

Look for the safety features

The rectangular trampoline comes in varying sizes and so are their safety features. See if you can get with the padded and net one. This will prevent your kid from falling off.

Also, the surface below the mat should be soft and flat and should have at least 3 feet of distance from the ground level.

Weight & age limitations

Since not all rectangular trampolines can accommodate all age group’s weight. According to this website here each one has a different capacity hence you require checking especially when you have kids with varying weight and age groups. Also; if adults too are going to enjoy bouncing on it, you should see that whether it could manage the weight without any issues.

Spare parts

It’s not a surprising thing if your trampoline’s spring has been loosened and needs some maintenance to it. It’s a usual thing for any product to experience a wear and tear and when the kids are bouncing on it. Know that when you need any type of changing, repairing or maintenance your supplier is around to give you one.

Breakages and Guarantees

When you are buying a rectangular trampoline from the supplier there is usual warranties, and guarantees offered on the spare parts.  A standard guarantee is offered for 10 years for the frame and 5 years for the springs and bed/mat. However; before buying you make sure what other warranties are available with it.